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We provide a visual data roadmap to better understand, strategize and implement successful College & Career Readiness Programs

Source One Dashboard

Easily Access, Evaluate & Compare Your College Readiness Data

SourceOne™ is your comprehensive all-in-one dash-board developed to easily evaluate, measure and compare College Readiness Programs by state, district, and individual high school levels.


Giving you the tools and the knowledge to consistently deliver more effective CTE Programs to better prepare your students for more successful and fulfilling careers.

Prepare for the New Perkins V Transition

With the SourceOne Dashboard, you'll have a comprehensive tool that gives you the power to disaggregate and evaluate complex datasets, providing the quantitative knowledge you need to better meet the new CLNA requirements for Perkins V funding.




Visualize all of your student CTE metrics in one location.  From big-picture Perkins accountability metrics to student CIP enrollment details, SourceOne gives you the tools to measure, understand, and analyze each component of your CTE program.

No More Data Wrangling

No more pouring over pages and pages of disparate Excel spreadsheet data. Our team of data analyst have combed through countless data files and millions of rows of data so you don’t have to. 

No wrangling, no hassles, no files necessary.

Student Success Through Data Insight

SourceOne Dashboard provides the critical Data Driven approach that gives you the ability to evaluate disparate data points and performance metrics, delivering the critical insight you need to develop educational and career pathways to assure student success.

Improve Curriculum Strategies

With the SourceOne Dashboard you’ll improve your curriculum strategies with direct access to evaluate your CTE performance metrics at multiple levels.

Comparing total student enrollment, CTE enrollment, Dual Credit, and Concentrator participation at the Program, Cluster, and even CIP course level.

One-Click Access to Critical Labor Market Data

With the Career Finder feature you’ll have access to current labor market data, all aligned at the CIP level to better understand your curriculum’s connection to employment demand, career training, wages, and employment opportunities in your community, county, state and even nationally.

Collaborate and Align Your Educational Goals

Convenient desktop location, with easy internet access to the Dashboard provides a collaborative tool for your team to develop flexible plans that align with your educational goals.

Meeting the New CLNA Requirements

Working with educators across the country we understand the challenges involved in meeting the new Perkins V CLNA requirements.  

That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive Dashboard tool that unmasks complex data sets giving you the knowledge and insight you need to create program strategies that better meet the new CLNA requirements for Perkins V funding.

Preparing for Perkins V Transition

Creating successful career pathways that lead to career and job training that improves employment opportunities for CTE students is a number one priority for legislatures, educators and administrators nationwide.

With the SourceOne Dashboard you’ll not only be prepared for the Perkins V transition, you’ll have the knowledge and insight to deliver a CTE program that educates and builds student confidence in their ability to develop the necessary skill sets to assure future employment success.

Customized Reporting

Discover and Present your Key Findings with ConfidenceUsing school data to tell a compelling story can sometimes be a difficult task -- especially if you don’t have the time or experience to organize and analyze your data. If you need analytics for an upcoming study session, school board meeting, or just want a better way of understanding your data -- we've got you covered.


Creating magic with Tableau.

Whether you’re looking for a few simple graphs, a series of reports, or an engaging PowerPoint presentation, our "Data Wizards" are happy to fulfill any of your custom reporting needs.


We provide expert know-how in data programming and analysis -- and an unparalleled mastery of the Tableau Software platform. Our team of data consultants understand your unique challenges and are prepared to deliver creative, easy to use custom solutions.

Creative Solutions

Have a presentation deadline to meet and stakeholders anxiously awaiting the review of your program results? Just tell us what you need. Custom reports can be developed to demonstrate student achievement, progress to goals, select performance metrics, and much more.

With some of the top data and marketing minds in the business, we excel at creating a compelling story from complex data, giving you the confidence to perform at your best.

Strategic Marketing

Executing, monitoring, and effectively evaluating a successful College Readiness Program is only half the battle.

The critical next step to driving improvement strategies is the inclusion of the NuMetrics Turn-Key Student Marketing Program. Utilizing a tactical collection of One-to-One promotional marketing materials we inform, educate and motivate student involvement and participation in the College Readiness Program.




Subliminal visual and emotional messaging can be one of the most powerful strategies to inform, motivate and inspire. 

Educate and inspire your students with the strategic placement of on campus framed posters, positioned for maximum exposure at various locations throughout the campus. 

Variable visual and copy messaging is provided periodically for each poster to continue building brand awareness, enthusiasm and participation in the College Readiness Program.


Critical to our on-campus strategy is educating and informing parents to join in the campaign to create the necessary enthusiasm and involvement with their children. 

Helping them to understand the benefits of getting a head-start on their collegiate journey, preparing them to make a difference in their futures.  

Harnessing the power of targeted direct mail, promotional campaigns are developed and sent periodically to both the student and parent population to inform and educate both on the availability, purpose and benefits of the College Readiness Program.  


At NuMetrics, we connect every aspect of our Academic Suite of Services. Data is connected to marketing, all directly linked to the creation and development of flexible turn-key marketing strategies that consistently drive program improvement.   

Program progress and results are connected with program directors, guidance counselors, teachers and executive stake holders.

Everyone connected, working together to deliver a better program and a better future for your students.


It’s all about collaboration, and our team of marketing professionals and data analysts are dedicated to working together with your team to connect your data evaluation with actionable marketing strategies that consistently drive measurable improvement in your College Readiness Program.

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